Module 1 - Basic concepts of information technology


Basic Concepts of Information Technology, which is the basis for the theoretical test. The module consists of eight categories and the test will contain questions from all of the categories.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested to get knowledge in Computers


General knowledge in computer


Basic Concepts of Information Technology requires the candidate to know about the basic physical make-up of a personal computer and understand some of the basic concepts of Information Technology (IT) such as data storage and memory, the context for computer-based software applications in society, and the uses of information networks within computing. The candidate shall also appreciate how IT systems are found in everyday situations; and how personal computers can affect health. The candidate shall be aware of some of the security and legal issues associated with computers.


10 Training Hours

Exam Number

ICDL - Module 1 Test

Class Outline

  • Getting Started

  • Hardware / Software Information technology

  • Types of Computer

  • Main Parts of Computer


  • Hardware

  • General Processing Unit

  • Input devices

  • Output devices


  • Storage


  • Memory Storage devices

  • Types of Memory

  • Measuring memory

  • Computer Performance


  • Software

  • Types of Software

  • Operating System Software

  • Application Software

  • Systems development


  • Information Networks

  • LAN and WAN

  • The Telephone Network in Computing

  • Electronic Email

  • The Internet


  • Computers in Everyday Life

  • Computers in the Home

  • Computers at Work or in Education

  • Computers in daily Life


  • IT and Society


  • A Changing World

  • A Good Workspace

  • Health and Safety


  • Security, Copyright and the Law


  • Security

  • Computer viruses

  • Copyright

  • Data Protection Act